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nappy xmas. chanukah. non bday of christ and so on.

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es ist eisig in seoul,
aber der schnee liegt hier nicht.

Montag, 13. Dezember 2010

W O R K article

Review (original text!)

The Centaur Show
Spring Summer 2011

in Nylon Korea
December 2010


The hall is getting crowded.
All seats are taken.
Faces everywhere.

The Centaur it says on a big screen in the front.

Then the light is slowly getting weaker until it is very dark.
A fashion film on the same screen to prepare
the spectators for the following show.

Music starts. Spotlight. And go.

Seeing my face on the screen and thinking about the fact
that hundreds of others see the same face, which was
actually mine, made my heartbeat faster.
... I saw myself and I had to smile, in fact I was
laughing at myself. Did others feel the same?

Many shows start with loud music.
But The Centaur Show Spring Summer 2011
by Ye Ran Ji was different.

"Kant's Taste" (the fashion films name) was named after
Immanuel Kant, the german philosopher.

Flowers, Pearls and Elephants.
The shortfilm was light, carefree and warming.
And actually it was me who prepared this hall and
all the spectators for the fashion show.

I felt honoured and proud.

What it was about?
Pearls and Elephants. Like girls and boys.
Or simply Lee Sum and Ana (and maybe elephants).

The rest is interpretation and maybe even imagination.

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W O R K commercial

Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2010
Commercial for MNet