Freitag, 30. Oktober 2009

This is music...

so halloween
whatever that is

went to a halloween party yesterday already
at inter continental hotel

tonight too
wanna do papergarden and platoon here in seoul

lets see


fact is
i am in seoul and
it is a rainy day

rainy day and nice music again,
quiet dreamy ambigious

my hitlist for today


Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2009

This is music...

.. its friday and maybe you are in a good mood.

as you know i am a music lover and
addicted to electronic music right now...
dub step, minimal, techno, so called hardcore, electronix rock,
german new wave, all time classics, british nu rave,
latin house or stuff that sounds electronic
no matter what...

so here some links from youtube of my favourite
good-mood electronic music tracks at the moment

there are so many more
ill save them for next weekend
maybe :)

This is Devon Aoki...

she is still my favourite female asian face
half asian but anyways

for Numéro Japan december 2009

she is beautiful


Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

About my hopes and dreams ...

This is a video from Showstudio...

Gareth Pugh, Simon Costin, Rugh Hogben, Matthew Stone

are contributors
a familiar team

4 short videos in one


Gareth Pugh ss 2010

image by

This is this week ...

i am quite busy this week having meetings and seeing agencies etc
but ill keep you updated though when something is set


Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009


my name is

Kim Hyun



Ana Kim


Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

This is a letter to my friend george ...

now i see

i was on my way to loose myself and all my dreams.

this winter was the peak of the past three years of my life.

now i can say,.. i had tough times.
there were so many times i wanted to die
during the past three years
and especially this past winter.
our past.. this winter... hum haha
i think you dont even really know how
much i wanted to die.

i got my spirit back
and continue at the point where i stopped
and where i even went a few steps back sometimes.

i shared so many things with you george
(though i was mad at you too sometimes)
both good and bad
productive and unproductive times
we met so many people
saw so many things
laughed together, cried together
and i want to thank you for being my friend
the closest
since last summer
when we first met and started together
who knew me best during my rough times
and who maybe couldnt always keep me from doing harm to myself.

but well....
no regrets
no reproach
it was simply me
getting the experience
..and growing somehow.

half of our time i wasnt myself though, i had lost 'the shining in my eyes' how you perfectly described it once.

life gets beautiful again in my eyes.
but i always loved life as you know..

i am So happy at the moment.
just small things which are bothering me but you know me...
i dont complain much... at least i try to.
"beschwerden aus den mündern der verwöhnten"
like my brother said once
hearing 'modern' kids complaining kind of makes me sick

in my point of view i have 3 close friends
who know my thoughts really well

one of them is you

i love you!!!
there are so many good memories.
god babe haha... imagine us last summer...
and aaaaalll those steps and things we shared.
just amazing

ill always be there for you.

your (recovered) girl,


Sonntag, 25. Oktober 2009

This is Damir Doma's...

... new line called


"Silent Products are the result
of a conscientious, ecologically friendly and
transparent production process.
We strive to create honest garments and accessories
by rejecting excessive elements."

Damir Doma

Sybille Walter

Samuel Drire

Carole Colombani

Nane F. at Ford Paris
Bastian B. at Success Paris



6, Rue des Arquebusiers - 75003 Paris
Space Mue - 93-6 Chungdam Dong - Kangnam Gu Seoul
Soho Grand Hotel - 310 West Broadway - New York, NY


so during seoul fashion week ss210
i was assisting the Damir Doma team
especially stylist Samuel Drire
and helping out at the
showroom preration
afterparty stuff

this was backstage at Damir Doma show
seoul fashion week ss2010

stylist Samuel Drire

and a bunch korean male models..

backstage pictures by

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

This is Scarlett...

she is very pretty in this picture, dont you think?

This is from youtube...

.. im not a funny person,
at least i dont think i am..

and i actually intend to post arty, fashionable, aesthetic stuff
but today i fail
because i found this video.

this was just too funny and cool that i had to post it.

have fun


... On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning
I dont know much about Haruki Murakami
but this is a short story i fell in love with once

to all those lovers and dreamers

Montag, 19. Oktober 2009


i thought
i had to make a new blog though i just started..
cause i didnt remember my password

but its okay now.... i did a new password. perfect.

so hi again.

im hyper hyper. had a good day today... ill post later why.

HAHHAHAHHHAAH thats how i feel:

more at



and all those goys and birls on the pictures
MUAHAHHA i love you and miss you ;)

WHAAAAAAAAaaaaAaaaaaaaahahahahah <3