Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

About an alternate 'alter ego'...

"Anotear You"

dazed and confused korea
editorial december 2009

No Tear?

l'extérieur et l'intérieur ne sont pas toujours pareils

sometimes people seem happy but they are not
sometimes people say they are ok but they yearn for something
sometimes people say they love but they are not satisfied

you guys take care of your loved ones...

a girl i know and you know just took her life
she would have been a wonderful woman

so lets be honest
more opened
everything has a reason


  1. That looks like a great spread in Dazed. It's so sad how Daul took her own life. I'm still on over it either.

  2. If it wasn't for her blog, I wouldn't have found yours. In a way, I wish that her blog remained public because I really like to reference her past posts.