Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010

About my shoot for Dazed&Confused

i wanna do catwalk too

too small i guess


which is okay

at least i can do magazines

shot by

Yun Sukmu

illustration by

Chang Hae-Mi

fashion editors

Kim Hyontae and Kim Ji-Hong


Dazed&Confused Korea

editorial in february issue 2010

will post the better ones when i get the files


thanks to my trip to cologne

i found and captured some old pics

will post them from time to time


i think my look didn't change since i am 14

2004 in london with my brother

at the royal academy of dramatic arts

i found this

here i am 16

summer 2006 before i went to paris

i look the same


i didn't grow since 2004 or 2003

though i was pretty tall back then

what a shame

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