Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

so i am back in korea since a week now!


germany was wonderful.
so refreshing.
seeing everything again.

the streets, the cafes, the feeling.

all my friends.
even some i didnt really speak to for a year
but are still very close to me.

they organised a small thing for me on the 29th.
lovely gathering.

and i am not a teenager anymore....
this sounds so.... weird... i dont know.

life is too realistic

ill always be 13 or so in my head
or maybe 16

and i had a brutal fight with a certain person.


had a quite busy week

i am excited to see the next month w magazine korea.
apparently all the major korean fashion photographers
picked a model and were given one page to do their thing.

nylons editorial shoot was outdoor. really cold
i fell down on i dont know but i guess
13cm platform heels by fleamadonna.
my knees.. and my toe was bleeding
that the stockings were soaked in blood.
whatever i am fine since i have work :)

there was a second meeting too
with the staff from this korean tv show.
you could call it the korean version of
the simple life
it will be for season 7.
i dont know yet if they will pick me.
but it would be funny and intresting stuff
to be occupied with for 3 months.

outtakes from the shoot for janenlou
nice items!

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