Sonntag, 14. Februar 2010

This was Melt! festival summer 2009

its hardcore

you can see my friends and me somewhere
a friend posted this video
on my facebook wall

nice and unique festival experience
a bit brutal

i loved it


friends and i were "modeling"
for the festivals ad campaign

it took place around
february 2009
best shoot ever

def more fun than that

no hair
no makeup
free drinks
just throw on your party clothes

party and watching (final) act at festival

some outtakes

the night we shot
we had free entry to

a party in cologne

which was just next door
at the club Bogen 2

one of the best parties
goooood music


next day
party ends at 9am or so

dont remember
the afterhour

all pictures were taken
from georgis camera


some pics of the
the melt ad campaign

and some videos from melt 2009
i found them on youtube

have fuuun

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