Montag, 12. Oktober 2009


welcome to my new blog.

after thinking about making one i just did it today. why not.
its about 4:30pm in seoul right now.

people who are close to me know
that i am doing an internship here in seoul.
the guys i am working for at the moment are
Deren Caruana and
Hyung-Jun Park,
they are stylists and business partner.

people who are closer to me know
that i modeled since i am 14 and always liked fashion design.
i played piano for 8 years,
lived in paris for a short period when i was 16
and always danced.
jazz, ballett, contemporary, ballroom whatsoever...

i am korean but was raised and born in cologne <3>
based in seoul at the moment.

from now on i will write and comment about things
that touch or touched me somehow.
people, thoughts, photography, artists, movies,
fashion, music, human behaviour, theatre, style,
literature, architecture etc or just simple random stuff.
...trying to underline personal feelings and intuitive thoughts.

at the moment i hope i will end up as a person
who creates conceptional art
through fashion
criticizing various issues.
but who knows what the future will be like...

glad to share this with you dear lovers, hope youll enjoy.


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