Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

About my shoot for J'N'C mag ...

i just woke up and remembered this shoot i had in july
this night i dreamt about how to get a top hat, funny
and i actually had one on but couldnt keep it... too bad

my outtakes...

i just remembered this shoot.. it was fucking cool.
in an empty pool which was huuuge...
the story was inspired by the 70s movie the holy mountain

symmetric poses, biiiig hats, oversized clothes...
the top im wearing on the pictures is by henrik vibkov


there was something very beautiful...
you have to imagine this big hall where theres only this big empty pool which
was deep since the water was missing.
it was a bizarre sterile atmosphere cause
you heard the echo of your voice,
our team was alone model photographer makeupartist and stylist,
the sunlight coming in from the big windows
and one or two butterflies were around....

when stattbad had the official opening event for exhibitions
the organizer had this idea of putting some heads of lettuce
with butterfly grubs on the diving board.
the grubs hatched out on the exact day
when the official event/party took place so that
there were butterflies flying around everywhere...
imagine... just a wonderful pic.


and when we shootet there were still some of them alive.


the editorial will be in J'N'C magazine this or or next month i guess.

photographer Christoph Voy
stylist Alexandra Heckel

i was styling assistant too


it was in Stattbad in berlin which was used as an exhibition location.
like the name says it was a public swimming pool but the huge building
was changed into exhibition and event hall.
the vast subterranean area was used for parties
f. eg. the disco mystix parties,
known for fashion and underground parties.
the foam party in stattbad was fun in july...

pictures by

the time in berlin was cool.
ive been there for 5 weeks in july.
and i made my decision...
if everything goes right ill move to berlin after korea


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